Hello, I’m Siobhan Lowe

A passionate, holistic Nutritionist providing online health coaching and services.

Personal Nutrition Coaching

Having someone by your side, who has your best interests at heart and who is professionally trained makes the journey to better health stress-free and achievable. Being a single parent of 3 I can assure you I am by no means a “fancy nutritionist”. I am all about solid, applicable and small,  achievable changes that can make the most positive impact on your’s and your family’s health.

Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine and its philosophies is a holistic, comprehensive and individualised approach to healthcare.

Iridology & Physical examination

Our body tells a story in symptoms, pains etc. and it’s up to us to listen and discover what our body wants us to know.

Health Management

General health solutions including digestive health and support, mental health issues including anxiety and depression, skin conditions, autoimmune conditions and many more.

What is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional Medicine integrates both scientific nutrition and the principles of natural medicine with a holistic approach. When treating symptoms or diseases, I look for the underlying causes, which are generally due to environmental and nutritional factors and help guide you to better health.

1. How often do I need an appointment?
After your initial and second consultation, a follow-up appointment within a month is recommended in order to review your progress, answer any questions that you may have & keep you motivated.

However, I’m flexible to your needs and it really depends on you.

Some people prefer to attend on a fortnightly basis, while others would rather an appointment every 6 weeks or so, or you may simply want some basic information which can be obtained in a total of one or two sessions.

The choice is yours.

2. When are you available?
I am available at varying times throughout the week and weekends. If you need a particular time, I am always open to accommodate. I do have every second Saturday and occasional Sundays open for appointments by previous arrangement. Just get in touch and we will work out a time that suits both of us.
3. Can I claim a rebate with my private health fund?
Rebates are available from most private health funds, however, this depends on your level of cover. Please check with your fund if they cover nutrition if this is important to you.

**Update** – due to the current COVID-19 crisis all consultations are online and are unfortunately not covered by health funds.

4. Can you order blood and other functional tests?
Yes. I can order most blood tests and other functional tests and will only if necessary.

However, these tests will be at a cost to you as Medicare will not cover them. Bulk billing of some tests is possible at your GP’s discretion.  I only order further testing if it is absolutely necessary.

About Me

I have a deep passion for food, nutrition, our bodies, and cooking. As a single mother of three daughters, I am aware of what it takes to nourish ourselves and our families but keeping it achievable and within a budget. My goal is to help you achieve this in a way that works for you. Being a ‘health detective’ to understand what is going on with my client’s health and help them feel wonderful again is another huge passion. I absolutely love what I do!

Growing up I always loved experimenting with food and discovering natural, home-made remedies. I have been cooking since I was a young girl and I have always been a cook-from-scratch cook, with the dedication growing once having babies to grow and nurture.  When I was thinking about what course I could do to establish a career for myself, health and wellness was always going to be my direction.  I then signed up for the Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and was thrown into the world of science, biology, chemistry and how our amazing bodies work.


“The first wealth is health.” Emerson

“Excercise is king. Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.” Jack Lalanne

When we say “I don’t have time” for something, what we are essentially saying is “that is not a priority for me”. Try that on for size. You are worth taking of care of. Dr Libby Weaver

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