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Hi, I’m Siobhan! As a mother of three daughters, I am aware of what it takes to nourish ourselves and our families. My passion is helping others achieve this for themselves in a non-judgemental, empowering and achievable way.

My Story

Growing up I always loved experimenting with food and discovering natural, home-made remedies. I have been cooking since I was a young girl and I have always been a cook-from-scratch cook, with the dedication growing even more once I had babies to grow and nurture.

I learned so much and found my passion for nutrition and health to just continue to get bigger and bigger! I am just a regular country-come-city girl that has lived a life full of joy, growth,  mistakes made and lessons learned.

While I’m still learning, and will forever be learning, I want to help other people live a life they love and support them in the changes they know they need to make. Life is too short to be unhealthy, sick and unhappy.

My Values & Beliefs

Supporting others on their journey to health and happiness

Being a ‘health detective’ to understand what is going on with my client’s health and help them feel wonderful again is a huge passion of mine. I plan to continue to grow my knowledge and expertise in the field of health within all levels – mind, body, and spirit. I absolutely love help others create a life that best serves their nutritional, physical and emotional health.

I believe loving ourselves is the first step to better health

No matter who we are or where we’ve come from, believing we all deserve a life of health and happiness leads the way to loving ourselves and treating ourselves with kindness.  Being kind to our bodies and feeding them a nutritious diet whilst taking care of our emotional and physical health forms the basis of a fulfilling life.

It's up to us adults to show our children the way

Teaching our children how to nourish their bodies comes from watching us love and nurture ourselves first. We need to show them the way so they can grow knowing the nutritional value of food and the importance of looking after ourselves. This builds a strong foundation for physical and emotional wellbeing for us and our families.

My Approach

In a judgment-free, caring space, I meet people where they’re at and help guide and support them to where they want to be. Everyone is an individual with their own health story to tell, therefore an individualised approach is the backbone of my work. Being a mother of 3, I have also lived, I am by no means perfect and would never expect that from anyone else. If you’re looking for a nutritionist that will be suggesting açai bowls and organic super greens with every meal, I am not the one for you!

Supporting clients to take charge of their health in a way that is doable and affordable to them, in a down-to-earth, approachable, understanding and non-judgemental way is what I am all about.

I am a proud member of the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA2610), which requires continuing professional education to ensure the most up to date scientific research is implemented in clinical practice.

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